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Chemical wood industry drivers of urban enterprises are expected to maintain high growth

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    The recent downturn in the property market, which caused many steel doors enterprise market sales showed a downward trend, with a second-tier cities gradually saturated the market, and the gradual rise of the four-tier cities, has become the steel doors to new enterprises Nuggets. In recent years, countries in the promotion of new urbanization construction spared no effort in the foreseeable future for a long period of time, urbanization will be the main driver of the development of the steel doors of the industry.

    Urban residents rising demand for steel doors
Steel doors in the past 10 years to benefit from urbanization upgrades, steel doors gradual penetration in our family, product penetration increased year by year, while urban residents rising demand for steel doors, will also continue to stimulate steel wooden products upgrading growth in demand, with the increase in per capita income of urban residents to pursue higher and higher quality of life, health, beauty, and environmental protection concept deeply rooted, bring the whole trend of consumption upgrade.

    Steel doors of industry concentration needs to be improved
Steel door industry concentration is low, the market is highly fragmented, marketing monopoly effect of big brands have not yet formed. At present, China's sanitary ware industry formed a low high school three camps. The first camp with the international high-end brands, represented in the high-end market a clear competitive strength, and gradually expand to the low-end market; second is the main brand, through multi-brand strategy, expanding product lines continue to expand market share; third camp by the more than 300 domestic enterprises constitute, there is a serious product homogeneity problem, mainly carried out by the original competition fierce price wars, advertising campaigns. Industry concentration needs to be further improved.

    "Internet +" help the steel door industry in transition
Steel doors belong to traditional manufacturing, the whole industry chain, from upstream raw materials to end markets have maintained the traditional production and manufacturing processes similar, but in recent years the rise of the Internet, are changing industries, especially in manufacturing. Prime Minister early in his government work report, fully affirmed the Internet + status in the transformation of traditional industries. For the steel door industry, the distribution chain accounted for 40% -50% of total retail sales segment devour half of the profits of the whole industry chain, with the Internet era, the sales channels will Earthquake occurred, the channel change will take to reallocate the interests of industry.



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