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What is the market share of aluminum door

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Aluminum alloy door products to complete the sustainable development, environmental protection is very vital and the main. As the door of building energy consumption, the national industrial policy has the request to improve the quality of life of the people. Aluminum alloy doors of the processing process has environmental protection, the use of the material is environmentally friendly, aluminum alloy doors of the use of the process are environmentally friendly. But there are still many companies in the production process, including some Large Firm in the presence of poor environmental conditions, dust, smell significantly, environmental protection objectives and other questions. It is shown that aluminum alloy doors and windows as the main part of building maintenance, and its energy consumption accounts for more than 30% of all building energy consumption.
Door goods huge market opportunities, special aluminum alloy Kinmen market, it better weathering resistance and anti ageing to makes its prospect broad. In the town waiting to favour, in our building doors and windows on the commodity market, aluminum alloy doors and windows of goods accounted for the proportion of, 55%; the second is plastic doors and windows, accounted for the proportion of 35%; commercial steel doors and windows have a 6% ratio; other material goods accounted for 4% of the residual.
Aluminum alloy doors and windows. The interests of ordinary aluminum alloy windows are of good weather resistance and aging resistance. (defect) thermal insulation is not as good as other materials, color is only white, two kinds of tea. The interests of the interests of good sound insulation, heat insulation, fire resistance, air tightness, water tightness, anti-corrosion, insulation, etc.. (defects) whether it is PVC plastic profile name will turn yellow after long time appearance, form deformation, with age is 20-30 years. Bridge aluminum doors and windows of interest is more than 1.4 aluminum, in all basically with the insulation layer; it also has good sound insulation, heat insulation, fire resistance, air tightness and water tightness, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, maintenance free etc.; it is a metal aluminum profiles to long-term use and no deformation, do not fade. (defect) the price of the material is expensive, the production cost is relatively high.
Most people can receive, the price of plastic steel window is it selling the main factors; broken broken alloy is how much new material, its a lot of performance are able to compared with the steel, and steel durable, normal price in 400--1200 yuan / square metre, commonly used for villa, high-grade sunshine room; only a few people catch the trend with frameless windows goods, no window frame price usually in 360--700 yuan / square meters between.
Plastic door and window products are developed under the national industrial policy. Through 20 years of development, a wide variety of goods are now in every household. But due to raw material price increases and some of the operators are not standardized, plastic doors and windows are now facing a severe test. Some fire doors, security doors, including the factory gate and color steel production, steel doors to merchandise. Other phenomena due to the part of the village and use steel window, so early to see the real belly Gangchuang or hollow steel window still in some regional production, but the number is not many.
In price Yu face, originally ordinary circumstances do not use solid wood window with usually broken bridge aluminum alloy windows, use most of the material is plastic steel window, plastic steel windows priced individually and in 150--600 yuan / square meters between.


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